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Factor is a powerful and free BI platform for investors, creators and analysts.

Combine data from multiple sources

Factor allows you to combine data from high-quality, dispersed data sources and bring them together in a single view.

Use the power of SQL to get unique insights

Don't limit yourself to pre-built views. Slice, dice, and combine the data in any way you want.

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Who's on Factor?

Individual Investors

like Alyssa

β€œI track how my stocks perform relative to each other on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It helps me keep things in perspective and understand when to take action.”

Content Creators

like Jason

β€œFactor is an endless source of inspiration. You can find trending ideas, timely data, and I can quickly export charts to use in my newsletter.”


like Ben

β€œI can combine different data sources and run analyses quickly right on the site. No downloads or data manipulation necessary.”

Leverage mountains of data

Factor pulls data from dozens of sources, allowing you to query for:

  1. Historical prices for stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.
  2. Macroeconomic indicators like CPI and GDP, money supply, and more.
  3. Energy commodities like oil and gas futures.
  4. Historical Forex trading data.
  5. Govenment Bond yields.

We're adding new datasets every day. Check out our docs for more info:

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