Factor is a powerful market intelligence and data visualization platform. We curate and aggregate financial and economic datasets and give you the tools to ask insightful questions using a broad set of economic data that you can slice in any way imaginable.

Factor is built on top of PostgreSQL, which means you can query the data using plain old SQL. We believe that SQL is a highly expressive tool that lets you answer questions as basic as, "Show me the price of gas over the last 3 months", or as complex as, "Show me the performance of top pandemic stocks relative to the S&P 500."

The Factor Community

Factor is powered by a passionate community of traders, analysts, and people with a love for data. You can browse top community questions, star your favorites, and share your questions on other platforms.

Curious about what kind of questions you can ask? Here are some top examples from the community:

Wait, I don't know SQL!

Don’t know SQL? Not to fret, it’s easy to get started. You can start with something as basic as:

select * from securities Try it!

"Show me every column and every row in the securities table."

And go from there. The basics are easy to learn, and there are a ton of online resources to help grow your SQL toolkit. Here are a few we recommend:

Free Resources:

Paid Resources

  • Sqool. A hands-on SQL course taught by pros. Sign up for the in-person class or purchase just the learning materials.

Get help from the community

You can also request SQL help from the Factor community! Pitch your idea and get help putting together that winning dashboard.

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